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How to use the Twingio beta

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Make your first record
Come back every day, or when you take medicine
Show your doctors, therapists, spouse, kids, or friends
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Sign up

  1. From, choose Sign up.
  2. Fill out the boxes, check the box for the Terms of service and Privacy statement, then select Sign up.
  3. Select the body shape, then hairstyle, then skin color that looks most like you. (To request more options, send feedback!)
  4. To choose your hair color, select Highlight color, then choose from those options; then select Base color, and choose from those options. Press Save.
  5. Click or tap on the image's right hand, and you're all set!

Make your first record

  1. Sign in, then select Record how you feel, then choose the sensation you want to record.
  2. On the body image, click or tap anywhere you feel the sensation you picked. To show less feeling, click it again. To erase the feeling, tap the same area until it disappears. Select Turn around to show areas on your back.
  3. To add a text note, or info about levels of activity, energy, hope, companionship, or sleep, select Add info, then adjust the sliders and/or enter text.
  4. When you're finished, choose Save. A sound will play, the lightning bolt will go SHAZAM! and all that bad sensation will disappear.

Come back every day, or when you take medicine

Your Twingio data can only help you if you record it. The best way to remember to make records is to make it part of your routine.

Option A: Set an alarm

The easiest way to remember is to set an alarm. Whether it's part of your morning routine or in the evening as you go to bed, it's a few clicks to check in with how your body really feels.

If you use a smartphone, you can set the alarm and use Twingio from the palm of your hand; use any alarm app to remind you, then browse to from your favorite browser.

Option B: When you take medicine, make a record

Whether you're tracking down a tricky diagnosis, or making sure you're not taking too much pain medicine, try keeping your medicine near a computer or smartphone, with Twingio open. Before you take a dose, record how you feel.

There's no limit on the number of records you can make in a day, and you'll be able to look back on how you've been feeling in a concrete way you can show to others.

Show your doctors, therapists, spouse, kids, or others

It's a dreaded question for many people with chronic problems: "How have you been feeling?" If you've been making records, you always have an answer.

On any PC or tablet with internet access, or from a smartphone (data rates may apply), you can show how you've been feeling to whoever is asking.

  1. Sign in, then select Show how you felt. By default, Twingio will start with records you made 30 days ago, and let you see them all through today. Enter a different number of days if you want.
  2. Choose Show on body or Show on graph.
    • Body view: To see all the records, press Forward.
    • Graph view: Any records you made over the last 30 days will show on the graph.

Give feedback

Twingio is in beta, which means it's not finished yet. It has some serious problems, like not having enough body shapes or hairstyles, and how choosing one sensation at a time is pretty awkward.

If Twingio isn't working for you or if you'd like to request a body shape, hairstyle, or other feature that would make it work better for you use the Feedback link. It's always available to you at the bottom of the main signed-in page.

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